How To Make Snail Traps

Snail traps are an organic and extremely simple way to protect your garden from snails and slugs.

There are a number of ways to deal with snails in the garden. The easiest way is to use a snail bait, but some people want to use an natural snail and slug killer. Luckily, snails and slugs are easy beasts to trick with a simple and highly effective technique.

Making Snail Traps

To make a snail trap, all you need is beer and bottle or jar of some description. Empty plastic bottles that hold soft drink or jam jars (jelly for the Americans) work great. If you use a plastic bottle, cut off the bottom so that it’s about 4 inches (10cm) high.

Snails are particularly attracted to certain smells. Your vegetables are one of them, but they love nothing more than a beer on a Saturday afternoon. Snails aren’t particular – microbrewery or craft beer isn’t needed! Buy the cheapest swill you can find. Pour it in to the jar/cup/bottle and bury it in the ground. If your earth is too hard to bury it deep enough you can lie it on its side and partially bury it instead.

The snails and slugs will home in on your submerged beverage, fall in and proceed to drown. It’s unclear whether they drink themselves to death or just drown the standard way, but it’s really not such a bad way to go.


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