Growing Caraway

Caraway seed is used occasionally in cooking, and its leaves can the leaves can be used in salads. It is simple to grow.

Caraway is a lesser known and appreciated herb that is usually grown for its seed. In centuries gone by its seed was very popular, but it gets mentioned far less frequently in recipes these days. It has a spicy quality and (perhaps consequently) it tends to crop up in German and Hungarian cooking.

How To Grow Caraway

It is not at all a difficult plant to grow. Sow seeds outdoors in autumn in frost-free climates or in early spring in frosty climates. Caraway prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Sun is the most important factor in its growing, as it improves the flavor.

Sow seeds in rows 12 inches (30cm) apart. Spread seed evenly along rows and thin so that the final spacing of the plants is 8 inches apart.

growing caraway

Once planted, Caraway needs only occasional attention. Water during dry periods and use a mulch around the base of the plant to preserve moisture.  It benefits from a liquid fertilizer once or twice during growth. Make sure to keep the soil free of weeds.

Caraway is not able to be grown in containers.

Harvesting Caraway

Flower and leaves can be picked during the first growing season. Seeds are harvested the season after planting by cutting the seed heads just before they fall. Hang them up inside to dry out and then store them in an airtight container.

Roots should be dug up in the second autumn as a food crop.

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